Vanilla Incense

by Jackson Honeycutt

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released April 26, 2017

Music: Jackson Honeycutt
Album Art: Christian T. Roberts
Mixing & Mastering: Luke Caron & Jackson Honeycutt



all rights reserved
Track Name: Vanilla Incense
I've been sleeping where you're sleeping
Drinking all of your sweet wine
I've been thinking we could sleep in
maybe I'll just fall behind
Wake up in the morning see your face
I don't ever want to leave this place
There are things that I've been meaning
To say but can't spit them out
In the daytime it still feels fine
Tell me what this is about
Tell me if you ever think you could
In your movements I think that I could
I just want to say I love you
But I'd never live it down
But if you want to well I want to
I would die to hear the sound
I just want to feel you close to me
Far beyond the realm of my belief